Personalized English Language Audit and workbook ($180)


The Audit has an initiation fee of $15.  Pay this amount and you will receive downloadable instructions for submitting your recording.  The remaining cost of the Audit and customized workbook is $165.00.  This is charged to your account once the completed Audit summary/  customized workbook has been sent to your email account.

After purchase, click Return to Merchant and download your instructions file before leaving the Order Received page.  Also, you can easily submit a Contact Us request and we’ll send you an email with a link to the Audit instructions file.


You will receive a precise accounting of any speech errors you make in your 6-minute recording.   The English Language Audit uses a proprietary method of speech evaluation that examines FOUR key areas: syntax (word order), pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

You will receive an Audit summary and practice workbook that will pinpoint any errors, explain the correct forms and direct you to the best websites to do practice to reinforce what you have learned.

Speech Audit Submission Procedure:

1. Add the Audit and workbook to your cart. Pay the $15. initiation fee.  Receive a downloadable page with instructions for sending in your recording.

2. Send in your voice recording using to our email:

3. Tell us about a favorite memory and say why it is so significant to you. Or tell us about a perfect day in your ideal future.  (5-7 minutes)

4. We will send you a confirmation email giving you an approximate time to receive your personalized workbook.

5. Your account will be charged the remaining $165.00 when your Audit summary and workbook is sent to your email.