10 Common English-Speaking Errors (Vol. 1) for Afro-American speakers of non-standard English* (15 pages)


This workbook is for Afro-Americans who use colloquial Black English and want to be able to switch to standard English in certain work or social settings. Common colloquial errors are categorized and explained. It is easy to skim and absorb.  Get your copy today and gain more confidence in your speaking abilities.

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This workbook will help you correct common grammatical and other errors that are related to speaking in a colloquial form when more formal language is required.  Examples of errors are clearly presented and the corrected forms are explained.  Useful examples and exercises are provided to help to reinforce new speech patterns. Links take you to valuable websites with games, exercises, and video where you can practice your new speaking skills.

*Some Afro-Americans speak a colloquial dialect.