The English Language Audit workbooks simplify improving your English.  We have identified a number of errors that many advanced (approximately 6-7 years speaking English) English speakers make and we focus on helping you correct these.  The approach we use with the workbooks is very practical because we know how valuable your time is.  The workbooks cut through a lot of unnecessary grammar rules and give you just the English instruction you need, in a format that is as advice-advise-advisor-7096simple and clear as possible.  Click Here to Shop

The English Language Audit’s downloadable workbooks highlight common errors and their correct forms.  For each common error identified in the workbook, you will see the error together with the correct form.  You are given a clear explanation of the English rule and multiple examples. Then you can follow links to carefully selected websites that target these errors with games, exercises and videos to help you practice and solidify your new skills.

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american-arms-colleagues-1509427Do you want to be aware of the English-speaking pitfalls that are related to your first language?  We also offer several workbooks customized to take into account the first languages of some English language learners.  These workbooks pinpoint some errors that occur due to confusions with a first language.   Many Spanish speakers, for example, mispronounce the “j” because this letter has the “y” sound in Spanish. So they mistakenly say “yob”  instead of “job.”   We have an English Language Audit workbook for those English language learners whose first language is:

  • Spanish
  • an Asian language (for example, Chinese)
  • colloquial Black English*

*A career stumbling block for some Afro-Americans can be language because they may speak using a non-standard colloquial English in their work settings. The English Language Audit has a workbook specifically designed to address some of these errors.  The errors are categorized into 4 areas: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. An example of a grammar error is, “He work in that office.” It should be “He works….”  so there is correct subject and verb agreement.  Click Here to Shop

We also have the personalized Audit™, which is an evaluation of your speaking skills (from a voice recording you send in) that comes with an error summary and a customized workbook designed to target your specific English speaking needs.  Click to find out more!