Free Self-Quiz

Think about the questions in this short quiz to see if our workbooks and Audit™ could be helpful to you.   It can give you a rough idea if you have a communication trouble spot.

  1. When you speak, do colleagues or customers often misunderstand you?
  2. Do you have to repeat yourself often in conversation because people don’t hear you correctly?
  3. Are your telephone messages often misunderstood?
  4. Has a supervisor ever suggested you take a business communication course?
  5. Do supervisors ask to review your emails or any written communications to customers?
  6. Are you reluctant to give a presentation or lead a meeting?
  7. Have you ever been excluded from giving an oral presentation to staff or clients?
  8. Do people often presume that you have a lower level of education than you have attained?
  9. Have you been passed over for a promotion you know you were fully qualified for?
  10. Have you applied for a position and been turned down after the first round of interviews?

If you answered YES or you are in doubt about any of these questions, there is a good likelihood that your English needs to be improved.  The English Language Audit can help you. To see our resources  Click Here

See how the English Language Audit workbook can benefit you.  It can:

  • isolate common English-speaking errors and show you how to correct them
  • provide valuable links to the best websites for games, exercises, and videos to practice speaking skills
  • categorize speech errors by pronunciation, grammar or syntax (word order) to enhance understandingarms-bottle-cap-1326925

Also, take advantage of these features of the English Language Audit workbooks:

  • Clear explanations and examples
  • Easy tips to help you understand
  • Quick skim format

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Want more guidance than the workbooks?  Get an Audit™ of your English-speaking skills. You will receive a summary Audit™ and a practice workbook customized just for you.

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