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1. Where do I find your products and services?

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Our products and services are under Shop.  Here you will find helpful workbooks for advanced English language learners including several workbook versions for English speakers whose first language is either Spanish or an Asian language or colloquial Black English.  Also, you will see information about how to obtain the Audit™, a personalized assessment of your English speaking abilities.  With the Audit™ you receive an Audit summary and a customized workbook with expert guidance and links to practice websites to help you correct your specific English-speaking errors.

2.  What can the Free Self-Quiz tell me?

The Self-Quiz is a very simple tool that can help you detect social clues that may indicate you are making speaking errors.  People are usually reluctant to tell someone that they are making speech errors.  Correcting someone’s speech could deeply offend the person and appear presumptuous.

3.  How do I get in touch with the English Language Audit?

We can be reached via email at contact@englishlanguageaudit.com. Or just go to the Contact Us page.  Send your message by completing the contact form and it will come directly to us.  The Contact Us page also provides our phone number and address. It is: (301)327-7013 and the address is: P. O. Box 6482, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906.

4. What if I have a problem with payment or fulfillment?

Technical Support will respond within 24 hours.  Send your issue to us via the Contact Us email page.

5.  How do I send my voice recording using Vocaroologo Vocaroo.com?

Go to Vocaroo.com. Click to enable Adobe Flash. Record your voice. (Make sure your computer microphone works.) Send your recording via Vocaroo.com email to: contact@englishlanguageaudit.com.

6.  What if I am an advanced speaker and I want additional help beyond the Audit™ and workbooks?

A limited amount of personalized English coaching can be arranged.  Contact Us to request this specialized service.