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Are you here because you want to improve your English-speaking skills?  Well, then you have come to the right place!

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The English Language Audit can help you.  Do you want to go to the next level in your work life? Or is it your social sphere where you want some language help?


Improved English-speaking skills can deepen and improve your relationships with English-speaking friends and family members or work colleagues.  Stronger English communication skills can virtually transform your life.


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The English Language Audit’s unique approach simplifies improving your English.  We have identified some of the most common errors that advanced (usually 6-7 years speaking English) English language learners make and we provide workbooks and a customized Audit™ to help you zero in on and correct these errors.  Take a look at our resources. Click Here

To speak English well you do not have to observe endless grammar rules  — just certain ones that the English Language Audit can teach you. English is a language in constant flux.  Many stringent grammar rules are no longer observed because most people ignore them.   The English Language Audit workbooks cut through a lot of unnecessary grammar rules and give you just the English instruction you need– in as clear and simple a format as possible.  Each workbook also provides valuable links to the best websites to reinforce your new learning.

The English Language Audit has these valuable resources to help you  take command of your English:

*20 Common English-Speaking Errors  – a workbook for advanced speakers that explains 20 common errors and provides valuable links to corresponding practice websites

*10 Common English-Speaking Errors  –  3 different workbooks for advanced or native English speakers whose first language is: 1) Spanish,  2) an Asian language, or  3) Afro-American colloquial English (Non-Standard)

*Audit ™ –  a customized analysis of your English-speaking skills (your voice recording)


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If you feel you need more guidance than the workbooks, you have the option to obtain a personalized assessment of your speaking skills with the English Language Audit™. The Audit™ will identify any persistent trouble spots and you will receive your own error summary and a customized practice workbook to equip you to continue on your journey of improving your English-speaking skills. Click to find out more